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Happy Science aims to teach the truth about life, the world, and ourselves to inspire and give guidance in the 21st century and onwards. The Principles of Happiness taught at Happy Science transcend nations, cultures and religions and are the key to resolving religious conflicts worldwide.

Based on the universal teachings of Master Ryuho Okawa Happy Science is dedicated to helping all people to refine their minds and empower their souls. Happy-science-teaches about love-enlightenment-meditation- progress.


What is Happy Science

Today, Happy Science is already Japan’s biggest and the most influential religion, and it is rapidly growing on a worldwide scale. Let us have a look at our history – the key events that have led to the Happy Science we are today. Happy Science was founded on October 6th, 1986, and was certified as a religious organization in Japan on March 7th, 1991.

Who is Ryuho Okawa?

Master Okawa, founder of Happy Science, is a living Buddha of the 21st century and a World Teacher of True Happiness. In the tradition of Shakyamuni Buddha, Jesus Christ, Confucius, and Moses, Master Okawa teaches the Truth and the principles that bring people true happiness and open the path to a new and better era. His teachings incorporate all truths discovered by enlightened humans that have become shining beacons of light throughout human history and creates new guiding principles necessary for contemporary society to live in peace, harmony and prosperity.

Master Okawa was born on July 7th, 1956 in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, he joined a Tokyo-based international trading company. While working at the company’s New York headquarters, he studied finance at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.

On March 23rd, 1981, Master Okawa started communicating with the Spirit World and attained Great Enlightenment. He awakened to the fact that he is the rebirth of Shakyamuni Buddha and the core consciousness of El Cantare – the supreme God of the Earth. In 1986, Master Ryuho Okawa renounced professional pursuits and devoted his life to spreading the Truth.

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We are very happy to have our own head temple now in Australia and everyone is working hard to make it the best place in all of Oceania to discover yourself.

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