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Happy Science mission is to create happiness all over the world. We teach about how to be happy, how we can make other people happy, and methods for creating happiness. Explore more about Happy Science teachings by attending one of our latest event in Auckland, New Zealand. Or, study more online by watching our various videos on the basic teachings taught by Master Ryuho Okawa. We have a vast range of books by Happy Science in many fields, all related to the path toward happiness in life. You can order books online or visit us to explore the comprehensive collection we have here. Whichever way you prefer to explore and study, we are sure that you can advance in your soul’s growth and be happy in life.

Youthful People

Do Not Fear Failure - Not only is it natural for young people to have the spirit of trying new things, it is essential. Even...
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The Light that Illuminates the World

If you think the future is dark, a dark future will come. If you think the future is bright, A bright future will come. Actually,...
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Meditation for Busy People

The Busier You Are - the more you need meditation. Meditation is popular among entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Perhaps the reason behind this is that people...
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Starting from the Ordinary

Radiating Light - “When I was young, I used to think that if I continue to shine, no matter how small my personal world, no...
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An Indomitable Spirit

The Path to Success -  "If you continue to move forward with unflagging perseverance, although you may be facing situations that are so difficult, they...
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Happiness is Giving Love

What is Most Important -  A short story by an American writer, O. Henry, entitled The Gifts of the Magi is about a poor young...
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