The Laws Series

Freedom, Democracy & Faith

What would the Messiah or the Grand Savior be thinking about now while looking at the current world and what would He say to guide people on Earth to bring individual happiness, as well as peace and prosperity to the world?

Please do not disregard the wisdom that humanity has accumulated over a long period of time.

Ryuho Okawa.

The Laws of Messiah: From Love to Love

Author Ryuho Okawa reveals the heart of the Messiah by revealing His criteria for justice to the planet Earth, where the population is growing towards 10 billion in the midst of an ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. What is the modern Messiah’s view on the increases of atheism and the AI surveillance societies? What is His solution to the suppression of human rights, and the military expansion of a totalitarian regime in the East, and the extreme liberalism spreading in the West? What is His view on climate change? Find out the answers in this book.

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Chapter 1. Now, Here, Elohim is Thinking About reveals the Truth about the age of Elohim, why He came to Earth, and how He established the standard for justice on Earth, as well as His current concerns about the world.

Chapter 2. What the Messiah Should Speak and Do Now emphasizes the importance of protecting freedom in the East by learning from history, including the two 20th Century wars, and explores which direction humanity should take from the perspective of the year 2,100 based on the laws of cause and effect.

Chapter 3. The Teaching of Messiah reveals the history of the Messiah’s teachings on Earth, demonstrates how to discern good and evil in the current world based on the history, and explains what kind of actions humans need to take to create a better future.

Chapter 4: What is the Earth Conscious Thinking About Now reveals the secret of the spiritual core center of the Earth, Shambala, the enlightenment of the universe which can be attained in Shambala, and its relationship with the past Adept Masters or Prophets throughout history. Okawa also warns that Shambala is now being endangered due to the increased power of totalitarian atheism.

Chapter 5: The Love of Messiah is a message of love from the modern Messiah to all people on Earth which indicates the universal purpose and mission of life and reinstates the importance of living with selfless love.

Why is the foundation of freedom essential? Freedom can give birth to evil, but utilizing freedom allows everyone to know what is good and bad and make the right choice – this is important.

Ryuho Okawa.