Gratitude to Parents

Thursday 8th September 7pm to 9pm.

Many things in life come from our childhood. In many cases, the cause of present issues in life, lies in how we think about our parents. In this meditation workshop, we will discover the love we were given by our father, in all the little ways which we may have forgotten.  Online Zoom Meditation Workshop. Contact us for more info. A profound happy seminar.

Meditation Workshops Thursday Evenings


The Cherry Bushido.

A movie about the Bushido Spirit. Happy Science creates beautiful and inspiring live action…

Karma and Illness “How to Find and Cure Spiritual Causes”

Our Special Guest Speaker from Japan – Rev. Gary Yamada will presenting Life-Changing Perspectives on HOW to CURE Illness and Find the CAUSES that can be traced back to your PAST LIVES. This is for one night only at the Fickling Convention Centre. A Special Spiritual Seminar – “Spiritual Reading” Master Ryuho Okawa conducted a spiritual reading on Gary for his skin problems called “Exploring the Causes of Mysterious Allergies”. We get to watch and hear this miraculous experience from him in person! More Info coming soon!

October 12 Wednesday 7pm to 9pm

3 Easy Steps to Fight Depression

Sunday 11th September: 1pm to 3pm

I’m Fine Meditation Workshop on Depression. Recommended to anybody feeling depressed, due to problems concerning work, relationships with other people, family issues, school, etc. Learn how you generate mind power, be more energetic, make yourself feel happy, and find the sparkle you need.

At “Greerton Library” Tauranga. Contact us for more info.

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