Happiness is Giving Love

What is Most Important – 

A short story by an American writer, O. Henry, entitled The Gifts of the Magi is about a poor young couple on Christmas Eve. The wife has hardly any money to buy a Christmas gift for your husband, but she very much wishes to give him something.

What she has in mind is a chain for his gold watch, which he has been given by his father. She wishes to buy a beautiful chain to match the watch that her husband cherishes as his most treasured possession, but she cannot afford it, so she decides to sell what is most precious to her, her beautiful long hair, to get the money to buy her husband a present. That night, the two celebrate Christmas and exchange gifts.

When the wife opens the present from her husband, she is surprised to find decorative combs for her hair. The husband has chosen them especially for her long hear, but she has already cut it. She is a little sad, but she smiles at her husband and say’s, “Don’t worry, my hair will soon grow. Please open my gift”. Inside is the chain for the watch. Looking at it, her husband say’s, “Well, let’s put this aside for a moment, and celebrate our Christmas… I sold the watch to buy the combs for you.”

Although they could not use their Christmas gifts, the author claims that the couple are “wise people who know what is most important.” This story is a little sad, but heart-warming. It describes love and consideration for others. Of their own accord, each gave up what was most important to them to please the other.”  

From Happy Science Monthly ‘What is the Challenge of the Mind’ by Ryuho Okawa.