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Meditation Practice

Meditation for Busy People

The Busier You Are – the more you need meditation. Meditation is popular among entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Perhaps the reason behind this is that people are seeking a tranquil mind for they have a busy schedule, and want to work while being guided by inspiration. In reality, the busier you are, the more you need meditation. If you do meditation in the right way, you…

A Guide for the Mind

The Light that Illuminates the World

“If you think the future is dark, a dark future will come. If you think the future is bright, A bright future will come. Actually, it is your mind that is attracting future things and events. A mind is like a magnet. The thoughts that you continuously send out, determine the direction you go. Beware of those who always speak negatively. When such…

meditation seminar

How to Have Great Relationships

We can approach every day as a kind of experiment: how much more love can we give than take? RYUHO OKAWA Relationships are part of life’s great learning. In this two-hour workshop rediscover life’s great wisdom, which we often forget in moments of relationship challenges. You will gain valuable insights and most importantly, hope, that you can have a greater relationship with your…

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