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Sacred Pilgrimage Tour July 12-15 (Tue-Fri), one of Happy Science International Retreats

The 2016 Sacred Pilgrimage is to Shikoku Island Kawashima; the birthplace of our Lord. Included is a 7 Special Zen Koan seminar ‘The Land of Rebirth of Buddha- Seven Special Zen Koans Part 2’ to learn and experience Master Okawa’s own aspiration and efforts to attain enlightenment during His youth. You will stay at Shikoku Shoshinkan, visit Kawashima and Wakimachi. You will have three days to explore, contemplate and feel the miracle of the Holy Land. Through this pilgrimage you will also be directly contributing to building the Holy Land for future followers for the next 3000 years. It is only us direct disciples living with the Lord now, that have been given this honor. This seminar is ideal to deepen your faith.