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Be Independent and Strong!

Happy Science CEO Master Ryuho Okawa on July 7 gave a lecture entitled “Be Independent and Strong!” at Saitama Super Arena in Saitama prefecture. This lecture was held for the celebration of Master Okawa’s birth, one of the two biggest events in Happy Science. It was broadcast simultaneously to 3,500 locations worldwide over Happy Science’s transit network. Master Okawa explained the meaning behind the lecture titled “Be Independent and Strong!

“Do what you can do on your own. Strengthen your own foothold. Build the strength to live independently. Only then can you raise a family and express your opinions freely. You will be recognized as a full-fledged member of society and your words will be persuasive.”

In a situation where politicians and the mass media are unable to come up with ideas that will correctly guide the world, the teachings that will help humankind to overcome the crisis and create the future are required. This was indicated in the lecture “Be Independent and Strong!”

The following topics were also covered in the lecture:

  • The future outlook on the Covid-19 pandemic
  • One country adopted Master Okawa’s books as supplementary reading material in schools
  • Basic sentiments of a nation are manifested in education
  • Cutting-edge science as seen in recent novel, “The Unknown Stigma 3 <The Universe>”
  • The problem with Japanese Shinto’s view of the spiritual world
  • On the souls of pets and livestock
  • Destination of human souls that are denied further reincarnation
  • Spiritual judgment placed upon same-sex marriage and homosexuality
  • The real reason why the Japanese government keeps interest rates at 0%
  • Wisdom to survive the coming bankruptcies in many places in the world due to debt.
  • What is right and wrong on the “Russia-Ukraine War”
  • On Lies and Deception in Politics

Watch Online!

Master Okawa’s great lectures, based on universal religious Truth, expand to cover concrete proposals for resolving worldwide political and economical situations. You can watch this lecture “Be Independent and Strong!” every Tuesday Evening Online (7:30pm – 8:30pm)

“The world population is now over seven billion and growing towards ten billion. My thoughts are focused on how people living in over two-hundred countries can be in harmony with each other, work together and live in happiness on this Earth whose world population is approaching ten billion”.

From Master Okawa’s Lecture: “National Strategies for the Future”