Definite Health: With the Power of the Mind

In this meditation workshop we will explore the relationship between illness and the power of the mind and learn four keywords – that you can practice to revive your own health – and keep you healthy. You will practice a contemplation and method of meditation to repel illness. This meditation workshop provides tips to restore health for both body and mind.

Thursday 13 October 7:30pm to 9pm (Online)

  • Four Hints for Definite Health (15mins)
  • Contemplative Meditation on Health (15mins)
  • Meditation Method to Repel Illness (15mins)
  • Discussion.

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In order to return to health, it is extremely important to hold onto positive and bright thoughts.

Ryuho Okawa

Workshop Reading

Your Will is the Key to Finding Healing.

“It truly serves us to believe that we can heal our own body. It may require time, but we will be able to find healing for certain as long as we hold the strong will to do so. And meanwhile, we also need to make practical efforts to improve the health of our body. Finding healing through a strong will isn’t only about wishing it to come to us; it is also about making the proper effort to make it a reality.”

From Healing from Within

Life-changing keys to calm, spiritual and healthy living

by Ryuho Okawa.