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We teach how to be happy, how we can make other people happy, and methods for creating happiness

What’s Happy Science – Ryuho Okawa

Welcome to Happy Science – a global happiness movement that empowers individuals to find purpose and spiritual happiness and to share that happiness with their families, societies, and the world. The CEO and Founder, Master Ryuho Okawa has dedicated his whole life to leading as many people as possible to happiness and has established the Happy Science movement worldwide. Our activities are based on the Principles of Happiness, Love, Wisdom, Self-Reflection, and Progress (including the Principles of the Mind, Enlightenment, Utopia, Salvation and Prayer). These ten principles embrace worldwide philosophies and beliefs, and serve as a compass for a spiritual life, enabling each and every person to bring happiness and spiritual growth to themselves, and to all those around them. The purpose of Happy Science is to cultivate great people and create an ideal world which we call: utopia.

We welcome you to explore more about Happy Science teachings by attending one of our latest events in (Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga). You can study more online by watching our various videos on the basic teachings taught by Master Ryuho Okawa and there are a vast collection of books to study from. Whichever way you prefer to explore and study, we are sure that you can advance in your soul’s growth and be happy in life.

I sincerely hope that the Earth will be filled with people who are overflowing with compassion.

Ryuho Okawa – The Origin of Love

Happy Science Group started in Japan 1986 by Ryuho Okawa. There are many happiness activities in Japan that we Happy Science New Zealand would like to share with all people in New Zealand. We believe these kinds of activities can bring happiness, joy and hope to many people.

For example, there is the You Are An Angel! Happy Science network in Japan that encourages and supports children with disabilities as well as their parents and guardians. It started in 2012 as a volunteer campaign. In 2015 it officially became You Are an Angel! incorporated. The activities include holding meetings, offering counselling, garnering supporters, and planning and holding various events including seminars. We seek to offer help so that children with disabilities can have a positive outlook on life and live their lives with hope.

If you happen to be handicapped in some way, I would like you to press ahead in the belief that you, too, have a special mission to fulfill.

Ryuho Okawa, Healing Yourself

There is also Never Mind a School for Truancy, supporting students who find it very challenging to attend schools in Japan. We also nurture their self-help spirit and power to rebound against obstacles in life based on Master Okawa’s teachings and faith. There’s Friends Preventing Suicide Network – a nation wide campaign to reduce suicide, over 20,000 people commit suicide every year in Japan. There is the ‘Suicide Prevention Website-Words of Truth for You’ that presents spiritual prescriptions for worries such such as depression, lost love, bullying, work-related problems, which helps save many lives. There’s also support for anti-bullying campaigns. Network to Protect Children from Bullying, a general incorporated foundation launched in Japan to end bullying, including those that can even be called a criminal offense. The Happy Science network has solved many cases.

Our minds will not waver when we believe in the very depths our hearts that we are connected to God.

Ryuho Okawa – I’m Fine Spirit

Happy Science New Zealand has started the ‘I’m Fine Project’ to support and protect people from depression, bullying and suicide. Based on Master Ryuho Okawa’s book ‘I’m Fine, How to Get Through Tough Times’ and other books, they are instructions on how to live a life of happiness. For more information click on “Helping Others“.

It is my deepest wish that more people will be able to let their unique characters shine out, always wear beautiful smiles, always show a cheerful and free spirit, and have the power to build a bright future.

Ryuho Okawa – I’m Fine Spirit

Happy Science Group is spreading its activities around the world to realize the ideals and the teachings of Happy Science in society. This is achieved through holding activities in establishing a boarding school, a publishing company, early-childhood education organization, a political party, an institution of adult education, a talent production school and company, festivals on culture and art, wedding and funeral services, all with the aim to create tangible happiness. These activities are supported by our faithful members all around the world.

It will be important that everyone possesses the mind to ‘shine themselves as much as possible.’

Ryuho Okawa – The Spirit of Success No.1