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How to Have Great Relationships

We can approach every day as a kind of experiment: how much more love can we give than take?


Relationships are part of life’s great learning. In this two-hour workshop rediscover life’s great wisdom, which we often forget in moments of relationship challenges. You will gain valuable insights and most importantly, hope, that you can have a greater relationship with your friends, co-workers, spouse, children and parents! We cannot truly know the meaning of love unless we practice love. Therefore, this workshop provides 7 practical steps you can use in your daily life. You will contemplate on these steps to transform yourself and transform your relationships.

Sometimes, the challenges of daily life can get the best of us. In regard to love, what is fundamentally important is to understand others. To understand someone means virtually the same thing as loving that person.

How to Have Great Relationships? 7 Steps to Transform Yourself and Transform Your Relationships

Sunday 20 October 2pm – 4pm (Online)

  • Your Balance Sheet of Love
  • 7 Steps to Harmonize Relationships
  • Transform Yourself and Your Relationships

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A loving person never wants to be the only one who is happy.


Workshop Reading

When you do a favor for someone, do not expect any return. Just give and forget even the fact that you have given. Unhappiness in life starts with the attitude of always remembering what you have given others, and forgetting what others have given you. The complaint “although I did much for him (or her), she (or he) didn’t do anything for me,” is the starting point of unhappiness. When you are dealing with kindness and consideration, you need to remind yourself that love for others is a gift of no return; it is a one-way transaction. If you happen to receive the love in return, you can take it as an unexpected bonus. Do not expect any reward. Just give sincerely and instantly forget what you have given. On the other hand, try to remember what others have done for you and be grateful to them for a long time. If you feel hurt by the remarks of others, or start to complain that you have not received any reward or that people are ungrateful, please remember the phrase, “boundless goodwill,” and think about whether you have a heart that simply gives.

From ‘The Origin of Love” by Ryuho Okawa