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a single word of wisdom can lead someone to happiness.

Kyouten (経典) means in Japanese “Sacred Books”. Master Ryuho Okawa’s books are Kyouten.

Ryuho Okawa is a renowned spiritual leader and author in Japan with a simple goal to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa’s books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 40 languages. His books share his principles for happiness, as well as insights and practiced methods for increasing our capacity for love and promoting spiritual growth.

“If people who are struggling in life or are facing some obstacle in their lives can find a single line in our books that will be a hint or a solution to their problems, then the value of that book is worth more than its price. If a book provides directions on how to control your mind or about your future, then its value will be worth thousands, millions, even billions of times more worth than its price. It is therefore my deepest wish that Happy Science books should be helpful to as many people as possible.” From Master Okawa’s Lecture “Beyond the Education of the Mind”

There are books on Buddhism & Enlightenment, The Laws Series, Religion & Spirituality, Self-Help & Happiness, Health & Wellness, Success & Prosperity, Spiritual Messages & Interviews, Predictions & Viewings, The Laws of the Universe, Politics & Social Issues, Higher Education, and History. Explore more at

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We promote Master Okawa’s books through seminars, book clubs, market stalls, and online seminars, and community workshops. You can purchase Okawa’s books online and through Happy Science New Zealand. Check out our events for more information.

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You can make yourself better and better by dint of your own efforts. I promise this Truth.

Happy Science New Zealand has started the ‘I’m Fine Project’ to support and protect people from depression, bullying and suicide. We teach how to be happy, positive and cheerful like, “The I’m Fine Spirit.” Based on Master Ryuho Okawa’s book ‘I’m Fine, How to Get Through Tough Times’ and other books, they are instructions on how to live a life of happiness.

In the preface Master Okawa says “Use this as a supplementary school textbook for teaching ethics, and I assure you that it will dramatically decrease cases of bullying, violence, delinquency, crime, and suicide… Use it in employee training programs in companies too, and it will have outstanding effects in improving the company. It will heal cases of employee depression, encourage company enthusiasm and increase morale.”

It is my deepest wish that more people will be able to let their unique characters shine out, always wear beautiful smiles, always show a cheerful and free spirit, and have the power to build a bright future.

i’m Fine by Ryuho Okawa