Meditation Practice

Meditation for Busy People

The Busier You Are – the more you need meditation. Meditation is popular among entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Perhaps the reason behind this is that people are seeking a tranquil mind for they have a busy schedule, and want to work while being guided by inspiration.

In reality, the busier you are, the more you need meditation. If you do meditation in the right way, you will be able to, for example, maintain a calm mind like during a Zen meditation while working busily in this competitive society, or even receive an inspiration that will lead you to a miraculous success. It is as if a professional batter can see the stitching of the baseball that is thrown by the pitcher. This is a part of modern enlightenment and we, Happy Science, are making efforts to guide you through.

Meditation has become know as a relaxation method, but that is only the “entrance.” Meditation has a much deeper meaning; you will be enveloped in happiness and be able to take things more positively and receive inspiration from the heavenly world on how to solve your problems in life. To experience this, it is important that you clear away negative emotions such as anger and jealousy, and instead fill your heart with thoughts of gratitude, and make it pure. Everything depends on your mind.

Happy Science New Zealand (Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga) and (Online) has regular meditation seminars catered to your needs, so join us and experience the right way of meditation and become happier. You can also purchase this amazing meditation book “The Miracle of Meditation” – Opening Your Life to Peace, Joy and the Power Within’. For more information about meditation check out this great article, Beginning a Meaning Meditation Journey at