The Blessings of Meditation

Meditation brings many blessings to our inner world and happiness. Meditation gives our inner world valuable relief from the troubles and anxieties that beset us day and night. This is vital for the health and happiness of our mind. Meditation allows us to experience a ethereal state of happiness that is very real and authentic. With continual practice of meditation, a feeling of carefree joy and complete happiness will pervade you, and you will experience moments of this simple bliss again and again. Meditation enables us to take control of our destiny and achieve mastery over our life. Meditation helps us to cultivate a perspective on life based on heaven’s point of view, and this is the very key to mastering life.

Visualizing Relationship Harmony

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Visualizing Relationship Harmony

Having a talk with someone you are having a problem with can be quite difficult. So start the dialogue in your mind first, while wishing to make it a reality. This is a very effective practice that anyone can use to improve interpersonal relationships. Try practicing this visualization for ten to fifteen minutes everyday. Then, one day, quite unexpectedly, you will be able to restore and harmonize your relationships with that person.

Contentment Meditation

Discovering Our Blessings – Another way to remove mental obstacles is by practicing the meditation of knowing contentment. This meditation helps us examine our current circumstances to see whether we’re taking anything for granted. We humans are blessed with many things. If you look back at your own life, you will find many blessings. Instead of looking for something outside you, look within. There, you will find the part of you that is clearly loved by God.

Meditation to Become One with Nature

When is the last time you looked up at the sky and gazed at the floating clouds? When is the last time you enjoyed the murmuring of a brook? If you live in a big city, it may be years since you took the time to look at the sky or sit near a brook. We often lose sight of this inner contentment, not even realizing what we’ve lost. Serenity of mind can be achieved by living freely and artlessly, like clouds floating in the sky or water flowing in a stream.

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