Strengthen Your Immunity with Music

Close your eyes and listen to the vast melodies and powerful vibrations of Ryuho Okawa’s Music. Immerse yourself in this wonderful music in deep meditation and rejuvenate your soul and mind.

Every Tuesday 7pm to 7:30pm (Online)

  • The True Words Spoken by Buddha (5mins)
  • The Thunder Composition* Meditation (16mins)

* The Thunder Composition is available to download or purchase the CD through Happy Science New Zealand. In the Music Meditation – The Thunder Composition includes moving graphics.

I believe it will be helpful in defeating the novel coronavirus around the world. You can also use this for meditation, and if you are suffering in this difficult time, you should immerse yourself in it.

Ryuho Okawa

A Listeners Comment

Just finished listening to The Thunder music again. The low notes relaxes me, the high notes gives me goose bumps. The Thunder music is amazing to listen to because whether you realize it or not, while listening you are meditating at the same time. It takes you to another world, “a happy place” and you just want to listen to The Thunder music over and over!!! The Thunder music relaxes me and keeps me calm. I think that is what everyone has been missing is The Thunder music! It is just amazing! I love it! When I need to energize, I listen to The Thunder music!!! I call it “My Thunder Music Energizer”

The Thunder Composition CD Cover