meditation seminar

How to Practice Forgiveness.

This meditation workshop is a discussion and contemplation on forgiveness, a practice which brings happiness and spiritual maturity, and has the power to heal illness and essential for our happiness. This meditation workshop provides a valuable opportunity – hints on how to practice forgiveness and a moment to consider the importance of forgiving others and ourselves. Forgiveness truly has power.


  • The Power of Forgiveness (15mins)
  • Finding the Heart to Forgive (15mins)
  • Meditation on Forgiveness (15mins)
  • Discussion.

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A forgiving heart will give you the most peaceful sleep you’ve had in a long time. Forgiving the people you resent will, for the first time, let the air you breathe taste exquisite, let the sunshine feel like a warm embrace, and let you notice the sincerity of the people around you.

Ryuho Okawa

Workshop Reading

Most of the time, unhappiness and strains in our relationships with others result from our unwillingness to let go of anger and resentment toward them. We remain trapped with these feelings because deep down, we are blaming our unhappiness on another person. Often, our feelings may be valid, and the other person may be responsible for half of the cause. But, from the other person’s perspective, he or she may feel the same way towards us… However unjust the situation may be, we need to find it in our hearts to practice forgiveness. We need to realize that holding onto feelings of resentment and anger will not help us find happiness, so we should decide to let go and move on.

Fromm The Strong Mind by Ryuho Okawa.