Starting from the Ordinary

Radiating Light

“When I was young, I used to think that if I continue to shine, no matter how small my personal world, no matter how modest my environment, then that would bring me hope and opportunities. I still believe this is true. Many people may feel they have not been blessed with an ideal environment or circumstances. But they should not dream of rising to instant stardom. No matter how small the world they inhabit, they should work to strengthen their light in the current environment or in the position they occupy now.

Let me take an example to explain further. A daimond will attract eyes of people to it, even if it is dropped in a riverbank. If it is obscured in some way, or if its surface becomes dirty, it may be left alone and become buried. But if it shines brightly enough, it will eventually be found and put in a more suitable place. There is always a response to light.

In my book, The Starting Point of Happiness, I wrote about “meeting someone who is precious to you.” A lot of people in this world are actually on the lookout for people with ability to help them, and although you may not realize it, somewhere, somebody may even now be evaluating your statue. Somebody who is not necessary connected with the career in which you are trying to progress may see you in a completely different light and help you open a new path for you. This is the wonder of meeting a ‘precious’ person. As there is always this possibility, it is essential that you radiate a powerful aura of light.”

Guidepost to Happiness, by Ryuho Okawa