Ryuho Okawa’s The Laws of Happiness represents the “Four Principles of Happiness” which Okawa suggests that all people regardless of their religious or spiritual background should practice in order to pursue true happiness which continues from this world to the next. It is a work in which, as the title suggests, the nature of human happiness is explored at length in a practical and spiritual manner.

One of my teachings states that as the world inside you mind changes, the outside world will change, also.

secrets of everlasting truths- ryuho okawa

Exploration of the Right Mind and the Principles of Happiness

Happy Science essentially teaches people to practice the principles of happiness based on exploring the right mind. If you are a member of Happy Science, Master Okawa asks us to explore the right mind, which is another way of saying to seek your divine nature, and to seek the principles of happiness – love, wisdom, self-reflection, and progress, as your specific goal, as your day-to-day practice. If you focus on the principles of happiness and make efforts, you will become happy. Begin with any principle that appeals to you or that you think you need to work on the most. From there, you will experience an upward spiral of spiritual growth.

Happy Science is a group that is practicing love.

What is Happy Science – Ryuho Okawa

The Principle of Love

The Principle of Love teaches us to give ourselves freely without expecting any return, it encompasses giving, nurturing, and forgiving. There are developmental stages to love.

“To love means to recognize the beauty in other people. To love is to recognize that others have a right to find happiness too. To love means to encourage others to live splendid lives and not to focus only on your own life. To love is to feel joy when you see someone else find happiness, become affluent. Or enter the right path. This is the Principle of Love.”

The Moment of Truth – Ryuho Okawa

The greater your wisdom, the greater your love will become.

The Art of Influence – Ryuho Okawa

The Principle of Wisdom

Wisdom leads us to the insights of spiritual truths, and opens us to the true meaning of life and the will of God (the universe, the highest power, Buddha). Wisdom helps us to cut through our worries and life’s problems, to know right from wrong, and to guide others onto the right path.

“The Principle of Wisdom today encompasses gaining an understanding of the diverse worldviews that exists in our modern era. But the most essential and foundational part of this principle is the knowledge that will raise your awareness and understanding of the relationship between this world and the other.”

The Moment of Truth – Ryuho Okawa

Self-reflection is an essential way of returning heavenly light into your inner self

The Essence of Buddha – Ryuho Okawa

The Principle of Self-Reflection

Self-Reflection brings a mindful, nonjudgmental lens to our thoughts and actions to help us find our true selves – the essence of our souls – and deepen our connection to the highest power. It helps us attain a clean and peaceful mind and leads us to the right life path.

“I teach that we all have the ability within ourself to reflect on our own thoughts and deeds. I teach that we have the power to determine on our own whether our thoughts and deeds are proper or wrong in light of the Truth. The purpose of self-reflection is not simply to condemn yourself about every mistake and error you’ve made. The true purpose of self-reflection is the attainment of happiness.”

The Moment of Truth – Ryuho Okawa

We humans have the power to change who we are, improve ourselves, and turn our future into one of great dreams and ideals. This is what makes us children of God. This is our divine nature. You might find fragments of evil or dark clouds that loom within your mind. But deep down within you resides your awareness as a child of God. So awaken it, and discover the power within you to save yourself. It is my duty to tell you this.

The Moment of Truth – Ryuho Okawa

The Principle of Progress

Progress emphasizes the positive, dynamic aspects of our spiritual growth – actions we can take to manifest and spread happiness around the world. It’s the path that not only expands our soul growth, but also furthers the collective potential of the world we live in.

“This principle teaches us not to keep our enlightenment or our happiness to ourselves. Instead, we should make efforts to spread that happiness to the rest of society, the country, and other parts of the world. This principle encourages us to foster positive and constructive dreams and thoughts and do what we can to create a Utopia of Earth.”

The Moment of Truth – Ryuho Okawa

Wisdom, Self-reflection, and Progress are all simply ways to make love stronger, bigger, and more wonderful.

Love, Nurture and Forgive – Ryuho Okawa