Meditation Practice

The Four Stage Meditation

The Four-Stage Meditation consists of – meditation of the clear stream, meditation in the sky, meditation on the full moon, and the last stage has two parts, meditation dialogue with your guardian and guiding spirits, and meditation to receive heavenly light. Through regular practice of this meditation, you can regularly correct the orbit of your life and require a renewed zest for living. Through this meditation you can feel a deep and peaceful happiness.

Thursday 20 October 7:30pm – 8:30pm (Online)

  • The True Words Spoken by Buddha (5mins)
  • Calming the Mind and Body (5mins)
  • The Four Stage Meditation (30mins)
  • Discussion.

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Meditation, in sum, is the practice of gaining mastery over our inner world to allow us to connect with heaven. This is the essence of meditation.


Workshop Reading

“Meditation brings many blessings to our inner world and happiness. Meditation gives our inner world valuable relief from the troubles and anxieties that beset us day and night. This is vital for the health and happiness of our mind. Meditation allows us to experience a ethereal state of happiness that is very real and authentic. With continual practice of meditation, a feeling of carefree joy and complete happiness will pervade you, and you will experience moments of this simple bliss again and again. Meditation enables us to take control of our destiny and achieve mastery over our life. Meditation helps us to cultivate a perspective on life based on heaven’s point of view, and this is the very key to mastering life.”

The Miracle of Meditation by Ryuho Okawa.