Youthful People

Do Not Fear Failure

Not only is it natural for young people to have the spirit of trying new things, it is essential. Even if an older person cautions you against it, you must have the power to insist that you really want to try it. If you do not have that kind of power, you cannot call yourself young. Young people must keep challenging without fear of failure. Those who claim they have “never failed” are really saying that they have “never tried.” It is the same in the professional world. People who do not work do not fail. Yet, those who are ambitions and work with positive determination should experience many failures. No new business can be created unless people keep on challenging. …No matter what world you are in, the higher your goal, the higher the chance of failure. However, if you fear failure from the very start and do not even try, you will never be able to accomplish anything. …If you lower your goals, you will not fail as much. If you do nothing, you will not fail at all. However, these types of people are not taking any challenges. Do you really think it is good for you to end your life without taking any challenges? The biggest failure in life is to have never failed. To have never failed is the biggest failure that you can make in your lifetime. You must remember this. Those who experience much failure are those who have challenged themselves many times. Please do not fear failure. Go forth with courage and challenge yourself!

Except from “The Laws of Courage” by Ryuho Okawa.